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dell parts

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Dell hard disk use and maintenance precautions

Dell hard disk use and maintenance precautions
1, the use of the environment
Dust in the working environment, dust will be adsorbed to the hard disk printed circuit board surface and the spindle motor inside. Hard disk work in a humid environment, will make the insulation resistance down. These two phenomena are caused by the instability of the computer work, while the damage to some of the electronic devices, or some of the dust-sensitive sensors can not work properly. So to maintain the work environment of health, reduce the amount of dust in the air. In addition, the user can not open the hard disk cover, otherwise the dust in the air into the disk, head read / write operation when the possibility of disc or head will greatly increase, so the hard disk failure is not allowed in the general conditions Under the open body shell screws.
In addition, as far as possible not to make hard disk close to strong magnetic fields, such as speakers, speakers, motors, radio, etc., so that the data recorded on the hard disk due to magnetization and damage.latitude hard drive
2, pay attention to high temperature, moisture, anti-electromagnetic interference
Hard disk working conditions and life and temperature have a great contact, the hard disk to use the temperature to 20 ~ 25 ℃ is appropriate, the temperature is too high or too low will make the crystal clock frequency changes, in particular, will cause the hard disk circuit Component failure, storage media will be due to thermal expansion caused by recording errors. While the temperature is too low, the water in the air will be condensed in the integrated circuit components, resulting in a very serious short circuit.
3, hard disk read and write, can not force power
Hard disk in reading and writing (hard disk indicator light will flash), the disc is in high-speed rotation state, if forced to turn off the power at this time, will lead to fierce disc and disc friction, thus damage the hard disk. Therefore, in the shutdown, we must pay attention to the hard disk on the panel indicator to ensure that the hard disk to complete the read and write and then shut down.
4, the correct way to take the hard disk
When doing computer maintenance, if you need to remove the hard disk. The correct way is to grasp the hard drive on both sides, and to avoid direct contact with the back of the circuit board, to gently, do not bump or collision with other hard objects; can not touch the hard disk on the back of the board, There may be static electricity, static electricity will damage the electronic components on the hard disk, resulting in read and write cache chip damage. There is not to be charged plug, easily lead to chip damage.inspiron hard disk
5, the correct mobile hard disk, pay attention to shock
Mobile hard disk is best to wait for a dozen seconds after the hard disk completely stopped and then carried out. In the boot when the hard drive high-speed rotation, gently shake the disc and the head can be rubbed with each other to produce bad or bad or write head damage. So it is recommended in the boot state, do not move the hard disk or chassis, it is best to wait after the shutdown, until the hard disk completely stopped and then move the host or restart the power, to avoid instantaneous damage to the hard drive. In the installation of the hard disk, the demolition process should be more careful, hard disk movement, transport is strictly prohibited bumps, preferably with foam or sponge packaging to protect, to minimize vibration.
Another point to note: that is now a lot of hard disk manufacturers so-called “crash capability” or “shock system” and so on, are in the hard disk in the unused state of shock, crash capability, rather than in the boot state.
6, to develop the correct shutdown habits
Hard drive in the work suddenly turn off the power, may cause the head and disc violent friction and damage the hard disk, but also the head can not be properly reset and cause hard disk scratches. Shutdown must pay attention to whether the hard disk indicator panel is still flashing, only when the hard disk light stops flashing, the end of the hard disk to read and write before shutting down.
7, a reasonable partition on the disk
The size of the hard disk partition seems to be related to the maintenance of the disk is not great, but the partition is reasonable or not, in fact, with the future maintenance, upgrade the operating system and optimization are closely related, absolutely can not be ignored. The beginning of the appropriate partition size, will remove a lot of unnecessary trouble, and can facilitate future management.
8, disk fragments to be done regularly
Disk defragmentation is often done, but if it is the system’s virtual memory on a separate partition, then the Windows system generated Win386. SWP will be generated in a continuous blank cluster, and every time this is the case. As a result, disk fragmentation caused by virtual memory does not exist, which eliminates a large source of disk fragmentation. Moreover, because the effects of debris on audio and video file playback are almost negligible (playback speed and quality depends on the memory buffer settings and CPU capacity), if the user is not a lot of write and delete files, generally only C drive because of browsing Will produce disk fragmentation (the system default path, if changed, you should organize the buffer file where the temporary partition), then finishing the C drive enough. The rest of the songs loaded MP3, video and game partition, one month or even two months finishing once on the line. Because the speed of the system depends on the partition of the installed operating system, as long as the C disk Windows system files remain continuous and tidy, the data structure of other partitions on the system speed and stability of a small impact. Of course, if the user in other partitions also need to regularly edit or delete the file, it should often organize these partitions.
9, less disk compression
When the compressed volume file gradually increases will lead to hard disk read and write data greatly slowed down the speed. With the rapid development of hard drive technology, the capacity of the disk today, so it is difficult to hard disk space is often not enough of the situation, and there is no need to use the hard disk compression technology.
10, backup partition table
Backup hard disk partition table and check the integrity of the backup for the protection of data on the hard disk is also very important, because the Windows operating system can be reloaded bad, and if the hard disk partition table is broken, the system will not recognize the hard disk, the problem will Much more serious. The use of disk tools, such as Ghost and other tools to the entire Windows system partition backup into a file, and its separate storage, because the hard disk partition table problems caused by hard disk error, it will re-write to the C drive.
11, antivirus can not forget
Some viruses on the hard disk stored in the data is devastating, so open the anti-virus software automatically and more automatic monitoring is necessary. When copying information from the external disk to the hard disk, the first disk to check the virus to prevent the hard disk infected with the virus.precision hard drive
12, hard disk appears bad sectors
Hard disk, such as the emergence of bad sectors, even if a cluster may have a proliferation of destructive, in the warranty period should be as soon as possible to find businesses and manufacturers to replace or repair, has been the warranty period as much as possible to reduce the format of the hard disk to reduce the spread of bad clusters.
13, to avoid frequent high-level format operation
Advanced format is “FORMAT”, this command is a lot of friends are often used, not knowing that the same operation on the disc performance is not a small impact. Xiaobian suggested that if you do not re-partition in the case, you can use the parameter “Q” fast formatting command. FORMAT function in the recovery console can support FAT, FAT32 file system format, and in window9X / ME can only support FAT and FAT32 format, and the new hard disk format, you can not use the fast format parameters.
14, easy not to low lattice
It is best not to use the hard disk low-level format operation, this will make the hard disk from the new work in the initial state, so the disc performance will bring a very big impact. It is recommended that if there is no special reason, or not to low-level formatting the hard disk.
15, let the hard disk smart rest
So that the hard disk to enter the “close” state, you can work on the hard disk temperature and life to give a great help, this general friends will always ignore this feature, the use of hard disk hard rest can make the hard work in the “healthy” state of the under.

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